How Americans Understand Abortion: A Comprehensive Interview Study of Abortion Attitudes in the U.S.


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This landmark study is unique in its approach and sample. While most interview-based studies on abortion include only activists in social movements, people with personal experiences of abortion, and affiliates of particular religious traditions, this study draws from a cross-section of everyday Americans, many of whom had never spoken with someone about abortion before. 

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  • Learn how ordinary Americans think about the issue of abortion
  • Discover what Americans know and don’t know about abortion
  • Explore possibilities for new approaches to conversations about abortion

The McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame partnered with sociologist Tricia Bruce to produce this in-depth report. It is a must-read for anyone committed to understanding not only what Americans believe about abortion, but also how they think about it.

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About the researcher:

Tricia C. Bruce is a sociologist of religion and an affiliate of the University of Notre Dame's Center for the Study of Religion and Society, as well as adjunct research associate professor of sociology with the University of Texas at San Antonio. The author and co-editor of four books, Bruce has received research funding from the National Science Foundation and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. She is an expert in the sociological dimensions of religion, Catholicism, organizations, and social change.