Making Sense of Historical Atrocities

Teaching Human Dignity Series

In this unit, teachers will guide students through critical inquiry, comparing and contrasting disability selective abortion with historical atrocities and evaluating whether disability selective abortion has characteristics of an atrocity. The students will explore ways to creatively respond to others whose actions and inactions permit the marginalization and unjust treatment of others and be empowered with an understanding of activism and the importance of raising awareness.

This free, printable unit includes:

  • 6 lessons that span ten 50 minute class periods
  • In-depth instructional notes
  • Access to additional resources (letter to parents, student safety survey, pre-assessment, etc.)
  • Relevant National Standards for High School Social Studies Teachers

This unit was developed in collaboration with Mary O’Callaghan, Ph.D. Dr. O’Callaghan is an expert in ethical issues and policy questions related to individuals with disabilities, with a particular focus on prenatal diagnosis and disability selective abortion.